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Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a family member, friend or colleague by sending a Happy Thanksgiving instant greeting ecard to their inbox. 

The donation you make by sending a Thanksgiving ecard will help give water to people in dire need of this basic necessity across West Africa. 

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How to send a Thanksgiving eCard

Sending a Thanksgiving ecard is as quick and easy as it can get. The process is in 4 easy steps stated as follows:


  1. Select a Thanksgiving ecard  from the collection above.
  2. Add your recipient details and yours.
  3. Personalize the ecard with your message (optional).
  4. Donate and your selected ecard will be sent instantly to your recipient’s inbox.

5 interesting things you should know about Thanksgiving Day

  1. The Thanksgiving holiday is almost four hundred years old and its origin dates back to 1621 when English colonists invited Wampanoag Indians for a dinner to celebrate their very first harvest, the harvest which the Indians had helped the Pilgrims ( the English colonists) planted. 
  2. Traditionally, roasted turkey is  the centerpiece of dinner for Thanksgiving celebrations. With rich cultural diversity in the U.S, people also serve dishes that represent their ethnic backgrounds, such as pasta, curries or  couscous.
  3. Thanksgiving Day officially became a national holiday in the United States in 1863.
  4. Roasted turkey forms the main part of traditional Thanksgiving’s meal and the birds are slaughtered in multitude during this time. One of the funny traditions of the country is observed during Thanksgiving holiday as the President of the United States pardons one turkey, who is going to spend the rest of its lucky life at Mount Vernon, Virginia.
  5. Apart from enjoying hearty meals with family and friends, other traditional events and activities people take part in during Thanksgiving holiday are running in local races (often for charity) called turkey trots, and watching Thanksgiving parade in person or on television. Many other folks spend hours watching the National Football League.